Our primary focus at Custom Dredge Works is to design, engineer, and manufacture dredges that offer the highest-value and the greatest return on investment found anywhere. Once you evaluate all that we have to offer and review our methods and designs, we know that you will agree that selecting Custom Dredge Works as your partner is the optimal choice to design and build your next dredge.


Custom Dredge Works offers Semi-Portable Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredges with the following Design Highlights

    • Multiple CutterHead Designs
    • Straight Suction, CutterHead, or ChainLadder
    • Discharge sizes 8” to 20”
    • Fixed or Swinging Ladders
    • Deep Digging Ladders with Underwater Mounted Pumps
    • Electric, Diesel, or Natural Gas
    • The Best-in-Class OEM systems, components, and parts
    • Determine your preferred brands for Engine, Pump, and other Components
    • Any desired Spud or Wire configuration
    • Heavy steel pipe hydraulic lines with socket welds for hydraulic connections
    • Stainless Steel Hydraulic fluid tanks
    • Dual Hydraulic Systems to minimize oil contamination
    • Remote control Stellar Crane
    • Any cab size and configuration
    • No PLC/Computer Reliance: All the gadgetry and technology in the operators cab that you desire, but core dredge operations are NEVER solely dependent upon a PLC/Computer
    • Comprehensive Dredge Automation options and capabilities
    • Data Log Recording and Distribution capabilities
    • Butterfly Production Control Valve
    • Touch Screen Displays
    • Redundant hydraulic manual controls
    • Redundant analog gauge instrumentation
    • Water Jets, Venturies
    • Any color scheme design per your preference
    • MARINE GRADE EPOXY PAINT. An epoxy technology that maintains color and appearance better than previous coal tar and mastic epoxies. This two-part epoxy also cures faster and allows for a much more uniform, harder more durable finish.
    • Solid HDPE Planks Located Along Side Flotation; extends life of hull
    • Aluminum Speedrail Package
    • Standard warranty on the dredge and all components
    • Hands-on assistance for Dredge Assembly, Launch, and Training

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Complimentary Ongoing Support

As a member of the Custom Dredge Works family, you and your team will enjoy direct access to our expert support team to expedite and trouble shoot any issues that may occur with you Custom Dredge Works dredge. Our support team includes specialist in Electrical, Automation, Hydraulics, Mechanical, & Parts.

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