Custom Dredge Works Repair Service

Custom Dredge Works is committed to providing fast, high-quality, Dredge Repair Services to Dredge owners and operators from coast-to-coast.

In fact, Custom Dredge Works has acquired a fleet of five (5) service trucks with skilled crews that are available to travel to your location for repairs, special projects, or to get you operational again.

This service is available to any dredge (CSD) operation located in the continental United States and Canada.  International locations should call our service department.

Dredge Upgrades and Services, Rebuilds and Retrofits

Custom Dredge Works is expert at providing the following services for any Make and Model cutter suction dredge:

  • Fabricating custom parts and components
  • Dredge Overhalls, Repairs, Upgrades and Renovations
  • Dredge Redesigns and Repurposing
  • Converting diesel powered dredges and booster pumps to Electric power, or Natural Gas power
  • Installation of Hydro Jet Assists, Venturies and Butterfly Valves
  • Ladder Extensions
  • Installation of New Pumps, Hydraulic Systems and Winch Systems
  • Cab and Control Panel Upgrades
  • Spud Barge Retrofits
  • Upgrade or change Wire system
  • Repair or Expand Flotation

Dredge Repair for ALL Makes & Models

Custom Dredge Works is capable of providing service and repairs on any cutter suction dredge regardless of the original Make & Model.

After responding to many requests to work on dredges manufactured by our competitors, we designed CDW Dredge Repair to service all cutter suction dredge designs.

Parts & Components

We work to avoid using proprietary parts.  When we have to use them, we try to make it simple and easy to supply replacements.  Otherwise, we will only sell the best-in-class OEM parts and components.  As a licensed reseller for most OEM’s, we maintain a large inventory of critical parts, or have direct access to most parts and components. In addition, we also possess the machinery and skills to Fabricate most unique parts when necessary.

The famous phrase “Time is Money” is never truer than with a dredge operation, especially when an unscheduled shutdown occurs due to a maintenance or part issue.  Please call CDW Dredge Repair Service for assistance with any maintenance or repair project.

Get in Touch!

Please provide us with as much detail about a current or future repair project for your dredge, booster pump or bucket wheel. We will respond to you in a timely manner, usually via telephone to discuss the full scope, viability, and potential cost of your project.