• Custom Dredge Works is one of the largest and most highly regarded electric dredge manufacturers in the US.
  • We have a team of skilled Electrical and Mechanical Engineers on staff with extensive experience in designing, building, and launching electric powered dredges and booster pumps.
  • Our engineers can also assist you with insight and recommendations for establishing electrical transformers at your location.
  • Custom Dredge Works brings a unique skill set capable of facilitating power conversion projects from diesel powered dredges and boosters to electric power.
Download our White Paper titled: “The ECO and ECONOMIC Case for Electric Dredges”


If you are a mining operation, you may have given some consideration to converting your dredge or booster pump to electric power.  There are many cost saving and logistical advantages to doing so.  Custom Dredge Works employees Electrical Engineers, Electricians and skilled workers who specialize in providing Electric Power Conversions.



• Elimination of diesel engine air pollution
• Elimination of fuel spill water pollution
• Considerable reduction in noise pollution as they are much quieter than diesel!
• Compliance with current or future Federal, State, and Local emissions, water, and noise statutes
• Improved image and relationship with neighbors, environmental authorities, and activists


• Tier 4 compliant Diesel and Electric powered dredges are now more equal in cost
• Substantial annual savings in production costs
• Reduction or Elimination of engine maintenance costs
• Electric Motor useful life can be 3 times greater than diesel engines
• Improve production output by reduced maintenance and downtime
• Consistent Production Reliability and Cash-Flow Predictability
• Improved Customer Confidence related to Consistent Production
• Great Resale Value
• Ease of Use! Ease of Use! Ease of Use!
• Happier, less stressed Operations and Maintenance personnel
• Elimination of Fuel Transport costs
• Elimination of Fuel Spill liability and cleanup costs
• Elimination of shutdown costs for Refueling and Oil Changes
• Elimination of Liability for non-compliance of emission, water, and noise pollution statutes
• May contribute to making County and State Mining Approvals easier to obtain
• Acquire LEED points and boost your reputation for Government contracts.
• 24-month warranty coverage from TOSHIBA when Motor and VFD are purchased together

Please contact Custom Dredge Works for a Free Consultation and Computer Analysis to accurately determine the correct Size, Power and Style of Dredge to achieve your short and long-term dredging production goals.

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As a member of the Custom Dredge Works family, you and your team will enjoy direct access to our expert support team to expedite and trouble shoot any issues that may occur with your Custom Dredge Works dredge. Our support team includes specialist in Electrical, Automation, Hydraulics, Mechanical, & Parts.

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