Custom Dredge Works is a family owned business founded by the father-son team of CJ Jones and John Jones.  As in all companies, the culture of excellence at CDW starts at the top.  It is simply in CJ and John’s DNA to strive for perfection and to be the best and do the best with everything they put their hand too.  From the beginning, it has been, and continues to be, our goal and passion to design and build the highest-value dredges possible, providing the best possible Return on Investment to our clients.  We believe that we have achieved this objective, and we strive to improve and maintain that level of production and service to all of our clients at all times.

Custom Dredge Works began designing and building dredges nearly 20 years ago, cutting its teeth exclusively in Aggregate Mining.  Since then CDW has manufactured a large fleet of dredges of every conceivable size and characteristic and in recent years has emerged as the premier dredge manufacturer for the Aggregate Mining Industry.  Prior to starting Custom Dredge Works, our founders owned and operated a successful metal fabrication company for 22 years.

The original metal fabrication company is still in business and operates under the moniker: MidWestern Metals (MWM).  Over the decades, MidWestern Metals has engaged in a large number of customized metal fabrication projects including projects for the US National Guard Helicopter Division, Ford Motor Company, KCI incorporated, Dearborn Midwest Conveyor, and a wide assortment of industrial projects.

It was MWM’s reputation as an expert metal-fab shop which prompted a local aggregate mining operation in Topeka Kansas to approach MWM to have their dredge overhauled and upgraded in 2001.  The results were so impressive that the mining operation asked MWM to build a facsimile of their existing dredge.  After this, the mining operation was so pleased that they ordered another dredge and a booster.  This sudden growth in dredge manufacturing gave rise to Custom Dredge Works, Inc. a Kansas corporation.

Local word-of-mouth advertising around Kansas, Iowa and Missouri, provided more dredge orders, rapid growth and established Custom Dredge Works as a significant dredge manufacturer in the mid-west.  Then Martin Marietta approached with an order for two large dredges.  As a large national aggregate production corporation, Martin Marietta’s endorsement really launched Custom Dredge Works into the limelight on the national stage.  Since then Custom Dredge Works has enjoyed increased market penetration nationwide and high annual growth rates.


Custom Dredge Works is based on FOUR core beliefs and philosophies:

  1. There is Genius in Simplicity
  2. Customization is our Fine Art
  3. Build the absolute Best Dredges in the world for the Best Value
  4. Our Customers are members of our Family


We encourage you to explore and compare our very specific skillsets. Our team brings a unique capability to build a World Class Dredge boasting features and benefits that can only be found in the Highest-Value Dredges. From design to maintenance and repairs… we’ll build a dredge and provide services to meet and exceed your most stringent requirements. Your new dredge will be specifically designed and built to excel in whatever hostile environment you call home… We extend to you an invitation to come visit our facility located in Topeka, Kansas to see why Custom Dredge Works is your ultimate dredge manufacturing partner. We know you’ll be impressed with our passion and capabilities for building the Highest Value Dredges in the USA.


The various divisions that comprise the Custom Dredge Works manufacturing process are all domiciled together in our 20 acre industrial office/manufacturing complex located on the northern side of Topeka Kansas.  The close working proximity of our Design/Engineering teams, Component Procurement department, Fabrication/Assembly teams, and other skilled teams and experts, naturally encourages system wide synergy and inter-department communications perfect for solving problems, overcoming challenges and heading of potential setbacks before they become an issue.  The designing on CAD, the ordering of components and parts, the cutting of steel, the fabrication, welding, painting and assembly of a world class dredge is a well-orchestrated dance for the Custom Dredge Works team, despite appearances on the outside to the uninitiated.


Each fabricated part, each industrial weld seam, each socket weld on the hydraulic lines, and each individual component are carefully tested and measured by our Quality Control team for compliance with our exacting standards for safety, function, design and aesthetics.

In addition, each dredge we build is fully assembled twice (once prior to paint and once after paint) and is inspected each time by our Quality Control experts with a detailed checklist of requirements. A 100% passing score is mandatory prior to final disassembly and shipment.