Voorhees, New Jersey, December 5, 2017: Custom Dredge Works, Inc. (CDW) and Triborough Sand & Stone, a division of Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc., are excited to announce the successful recent launch of a new 16” electric powered cutter suction dredge at Tri-Borough’s Sand Plant located in Voorhees, NJ. This dredge has already increased aggregated production for Triborough in the short time that it has been in production.

The electric powered design of this dredge is much more ECO friendly and cost effective than its diesel-powered counterparts. This electric dredge virtually eliminates air, water and noise pollution while also being much simpler and less expensive to maintain. Triborough Sand & Stone and the neighboring communities are thrilled! This is the first of two Electric dredges that CDW has delivered into New Jersey in the past couple months.

Triborough Sand & Stone Vice President, Jim Morrissey III stated, “We are extremely pleased with our new Electric Dredge from CDW. The entire process, from conception to installation has exceeded our expectations. Custom Dredge Works and their entire staff delivered on every promise and were unbelievably responsive and accessible throughout the entire process.”

CDW President, John Jones commented, “I was personally involved with the design, construction and launch of this new dredge. I am incredibly proud of the level of excellence that my staff and company continue to achieve on every dredge project. I am especially proud of the compliments that I continually receive about my staff and their ability to respond to customer requests.”

Triborough Sand & Stone, and JDM Materials Co., is a Division of Eureka Stone Quarry, Incorporated. James D. Morrissey, Inc. along with Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc. have been serving the Eastern, PA and South Jersey market for almost 100 years, specializing in: Construction, Aggregates, Asphalt and Ready Mixed Concrete.

Custom Dredge Works, a family owned business headquartered in Topeka Kansas, is one of the largest and most respected Dredge equipment manufacturers in the US Aggregate Industry.

“[Foley] works with us to provide the engine we need for the specific dredge,” John says. “Our dredges are located around the world, so we rely on the Cat dealer network for service and parts.”

If the need arises for engine service on one of their Cat-powered dredges, Custom Dredge places a call to Foley Equipment, who contacts the nearest Cat dealer to provide service, or furnishes that information to CDW so they can arrange for service, says James Kerschinske, Sales Manager for Foley Equipment.

CDW began building about two dredges a year, and now they’re up to eight. The goal is 12 a year, and that’s within the foreseeable future.

“People ask why we are building dredges in Kansas,” John says. “My response is simple, it’s home.”