What Goes Into Building
The Best Mining Dredges in the World

A great mining dredge is designed with forethought, seasoned wisdom, and extensive mining experience.  It should be the epitome of reliability ensuring uninterrupted productivity because its designers anticipated the issues and episodes that have historically been the main culprits for recurrently shutting down mining operations.  The following is an overview of the unique design concepts and philosophies that fortify our reputation for manufacturing The Best Mining Dredges in the World:

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Robust Steel Construction

Our dredges have robust heavy-duty steel construction.. Crafted by expert engineers and highly skilled metalworkers, we use high quality steel, often opting for thicker and stronger materials than our competitors.

Innovative Flotation Design

Featuring watertight bulkheads every 10 feet, and a few unique proprietary designs, our Dredge Flotation systems ensure stability, structural strength, safety, and durability.

Longevity and Efficiency

Engineered to withstand and thrive in the toughest mining environments.  If well maintained, our Dredges are built to last 30 years or more.

Advanced Pump Technology

As an authorized reseller representing the world’s premier dredge Pump manufacturers, we offer the flexibility deploy the Dredge Pump that aligns with your preferences and specific needs.

Our strategic collaborative efforts with leading pump manufacturers have led to the innovation of advanced dredging solutions that enable effective and efficient mining operations for the Aggregate Industry at unprecedented depths, reaching up to 150 feet and potentially beyond.

Furthermore, our modern Pump/Dredge systems are capable of mining substantially coarse deposits.  In some cases even tackling rocks up to 12 inches in diameter. These capabilities set new industry performance standards.

Customized for Your Needs

Leveraging our extensive expertise in Aggregate Mining, we commit to an in-depth exploration and analysis of your mine’s unique characteristics. Our approach is thorough and personalized, ensuring we fully comprehend every aspect of your mining environment, from the nature of the deposit to the specific operational demands and budgetary considerations.

Your Mining Dredge will be meticulously crafted and customized to fit the precise requirements of your mining project. We pride ourselves on the exceptional performance of our Dredges, which are celebrated for not just meeting, but often exceeding expectations. This reliability and efficiency enable you to more accurately forecast production with remarkable accuracy, helping your operations run smoothly and successfully.

Advanced Hydraulic Systems

Our Hydraulic systems are carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure safety, and sustain clean, unpolluted hydraulic oils, and avoid the typical problems that eventually plague the majority of hydraulic systems, which frequently cascade into unnecessary shutdowns.

New Dredge Production Operating System to monitor and control on-board dredge systems.

• User friendly color flat-panel touch screen

• Production Control Valve System

• Automation Logic Software allows for intuitive control

• DREDGE OS will improve and maximize production

• Dredge Control and Monitoring capabilities that works seemlessly with DREDGELINK and DREDGEVIEW

Replacement Parts & Components

At Custom Dredge Works, we understand how crucial timely repairs and replacements are to keep your dredging operations running smoothly. That’s why we do our best to avoid deploying ‘proprietary parts’ hard-to-find parts in our dredge designs as much as possible.  Typically, we deploy “Best-in-Class” OEM Parts and Components, for which Certified Repairs and Replacements can typically be obtained regionally.

For your convenience, and for Accurate Speedy replacements, CDW maintains a vast selection of competitively priced Replacement Parts and Components in our 40,000 sq.ft. Parts Warehouse that can be ‘Hot Shot’ delivered or shipped to you ‘Same Day’.


Product Support

Our customers enjoy troubleshooting and problem-solving support from our experts, free of charge.  Also, with the launch of our new innovative platform, DREDGE|LINK , our Team can View in real time DREDGE|OS in order to Analyze and Advise your Dredge Crew to solve most issues accurately and quickly.  This system also allows us to Upload emergency software solutions if needed, as well as scheduled OS Updates.

Custom Dredge Works also maintains Seven (7) active Repair Crews and Work Trucks for on-site Service when necessary.

Technological Edge

Our dredges are outfitted with an array of intuitive yet powerful technologies to boost efficiency and reduce operating costs. Discover more about the innovative features in this web site:

  • Advanced Cutterhead Designs
  • Remote Control Cranes for maintenance
  • Through-Hardened Suction and Discharge Pipe

  • Dredge Production Operating System to monitor and control all on-board dredge systems.

  • View the operating system and performance of your booster pump station in real time, in the cab or in the cloud.

  • View the operating system for your Dewatering Bucket Wheel in Real Time, in the cloud.

  • Remote View of all Dredge Activities and Production
    Metrics in real time.

  • Video feed your eyes with live dredge operations and activities, anywhere and anytime.

  • Get a view of your underwater surface.

  • Transform the way you stay informed about your dredging operations.

  • Redefine Measuring Material Production with POWER SCALE.



In the most hostile environments


Our dredges epitomize “Built-Like-A-Tank” toughness. Engineered and manufactured to thrive in the rigours of the toughest mine with extra heavy-duty Ladders, Trunnions, Gantries, Cutterheads, Hydraulic systems, Flotation, and miscellaneous Fixtures.


Whether you prefer Electric or Diesel Power, your Dredge Design will be meticulously tailored specific to your unique mining environment and Deposit, and robustly Powered to not just meet, but exceed your Production goals.


Armed with the latest Operating Controls Software Interface, GPS, SONAR, Automation, Data Logging, Production Calculation, and Remote Observation technologies, our dredges are a beacon of technical efficiency.


From its earliest inception, Custom Dredge Works has been solely focused on the Aggregate Mining industry. We cut our teeth in Mining Sand & Gravel. Given that, every dredge is meticulously custom-designed, and “born-and-bred” to tackle the unique challenges and intricacies of each unique mining deposit we encounter.


In the mining world, unscheduled downtime is the enemy.  After 25-years of encountering and overcoming nearly every conceivable problem or challenge, we have identified and effectively addressed common dredge design flaws, operational mistakes, maintenance oversights, and the typical issues that repeatedly and predictably fester into unscheduled shutdowns.

At Custom Dredge Works We Lead With Innovation


DREDGELINK™ is not just a new product; it quite literally represents our Promise and Investment Binder to deliver excellence and innovation in every dredge we manufacture for each and every Customer.

Our state-of-the-art, end-to-end solution that redefines data management in dredging operations. Gone are the days of cumbersome, costly, and decentralized systems. DREDGELINK™ is here to streamline and simplify!

Why We Believe in DREDGELINK

It’s more than a tool; it’s a transformation or major turning point in Dredge Mining. We’re confident that DREDGELINK™ will not only enhance operational efficiency for us and our customers, but also significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why DREDGELINK will change the Dredge Mining Industry:

Comprehensive System

Ideal for on-site management as well as for remote monitoring, ensuring you’re always well informed about your dredge’s performance.

Real-Time Insights:

Watch live camera feeds, receive alerts and updates, and monitor a variety of production metrics seamlessly, anytime, and from anywhere.

Automatic Data Capture:

Effortlessly record and archive essential metrics for in-depth future analysis.

Enhanced Troubleshooting:

With client consent, our experts can remotely observe and resolve most issues, or provide more accurate and timely recommendations for repairs.

Easy Software Updates:

Stay ahead with hassle-free, remote updates directly to your dredge’s onboard systems.


More than just technology… It’s your strategic advantage.

The ultimate GPS and SONAR system for aggregate mining!

Elevate your dredging operations with precision and confidence. A new industry standard in the making.

Advanced GPS & SONAR Integration:
A harmonious blend of top-tier GPS and SONAR technologies ensures detailed mapping of mine material density and depth, crucial for efficient dredging.

Best in Class GPS System:
The TMC GNSS GUIDANCE SYSTEM is widely considered the best in the industry for dredging operations, especially in a mining application.

SONAR for Dredging:
Our SONAR equipment is designed specifically for aggregate mining operations and the rigors of a sand and gravel pit, outperforming traditional underwater SONAR systems that fall short in such environments.

Seamless DREDGELINK Integration:
View and analyze rich GPS and SONAR data through DREDGELINK, enabling management to remotely monitor operations and archive vital data for long-term analysis.

Real-Time Operational Guidance:
VIEW assists operators in making real-time decisions about material collection, depth adjustments, and targeted mining areas.

Rugged and Reliable Design:
Crafted to withstand the harsh conditions of aggregate mining, DREDGEVIEW is both functionally superior and more cost-effective than any competing system.



Where Power Meets Portability

A groundbreaking innovative dredge design that marries Big Power and High Performance with the unparalleled ease of use and the mobile portability of a small lightweight dredge.


  • Very Cost-Effective
  • Utilizes Prefabricated Flotation
  • Swift Assembly and Easily Transports
  • Powerful Underwater Pump improves production approx. 30%
  • Electric or Diesel Power Options
  • Available in 45, 65 and 85 foot Ladder Lengths
  • Perfect Blend of Power and Compact Size
  • Available in 45, 65 and 85 foot Ladder Lengths
  • Rent or Purchase

THE CUSTOMPRO is not our typical ‘heavy-duty’ mining dredge, but it’s perfect for sand and gravel deposits that easily flow to the suction mouth. It is also well suited for small to medium production requirements in the 150 – 400 TPH range, or for mines that have a limited budget for acquiring a dredge.



A Symphony of Skills

Unifying Expertise Under One RoofCustom Dredge Works prides itself on a unique collaborative environment. Housed within our expansive 36-acre industrial office and manufacturing complex in northern Topeka, Kansas, our diverse divisions work in close proximity. This setup is not just about sharing space; it’s about fostering a culture of teamwork and seamless integration.


From the sharp minds in our Design/Engineering teams to the meticulous hands in our Fabrication/Assembly units, each department contributes to the success of our operations. This collaborative spirit is key to the Art of our Dredge Manufacturing process, akin to a well-orchestrated dance, involving precision, teamwork, and a shared commitment to excellence, including:

– Designing in CAD for precision

– Sourcing key components and parts with meticulous attention to detail

– Cutting steel with computer accuracy

– Metal fabrication, where skill meets technology

– Welding, a fusion of Robotic exactness and expert skill

– Blasting, Painting, and Assembly where finishing touches come together to create the best dredge in the world

Success Stories

“There is genius in simplicity. Custom Dredge Works understands and exemplifies that concept in its dredge designs. Our CDW dredge is brilliant in its power and effectiveness while at the same time our crew finds it simple to operate and to perform maintenance on.“

“Custom Dredge Works converted our booster pump from diesel to electric, added a jet assist to our dredge, and fabricated badly needed parts for us that we couldn’t locate anywhere. They have done excellent work on time and at a very competitive price. Whenever we decide to buy a new dredge, it will most likely be from Custom Dredge Works!”

“John Jones and his team are top notch. They know their stuff. They have given us plenty of fresh ideas and assistance when we’ve gotten into a pinch at our sand mine, which has really helped. They have been very responsive to our needs, especially when were in a tight spot for a badly needed part.”

“I think that we’ve owned and operated at least one dredge from every US dredge manufacturer at one time or another, but now we are sold on CDW. It is unlikely that we will buy another dredge from anyone other than Custom Dredge Works. ”

“We’re so glad that we made the time and effort to tour the Custom Dredge Works manufacturing facility. We were impressed in every way, and we learned a lot, and had a great time. This is a top notch company. We now understand the difference and what makes these guys unique and the best dredge value on the market.”

“We have been a loyal customer to another dredge manufacturer for several years. Now we are glad that we gave CDW a look and ultimately made the switch. It’s just made great sense to us on many levels and for many reasons. I would encourage anyone to seriously consider Custom Dredge Works.”

“We recently took delivery of a new chain-ladder dredge from Custom Dredge Works. The superior quality, workmanship and design of the dredge was immediately visible and obvious to us, especially in comparison to dredges we’ve acquired from other manufacturers in the past. We are pleased with our new dredge from Custom Dredge Works and it meets or exceeds our expectations.”

Custom Dredge Manufacturer USA


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