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Custom Dredge Works is turning land-locked Topeka, Kansas into a dredge manufacturing powerhouse. Watch how their custom designed dredges, powered by Cat® Industrial Engines, is gaining international attention.



  • Family owned and oriented business! Every customer and employee becomes a member of our extended family
  • Founded upon the commitment to build the best dredges in the world!
  • 102 Employees! Expert Designers, Engineers and skilled Metal Fabrication Specialists utilizing cutting edge Metal Fabrication technology and machines
  • Customization is our Fine Art!   Our Customers are on our Design Team
  • “Built like a tank” Construction and Design!
  • Longevity! Maintained properly, our dredges are designed and built to provide a productive functional lifespan of up to 40 years
  • Accurate and Predictable Production! Our dredges are very carefully custom designed for each client and application
  • Minimize Unscheduled Shutdowns!  We employ key strategies that anticipate, avoid or shorten shutdowns
  • High quality Automation Controls & Data Logging Programs!
  • Redundant non-electric Analog Gauges & Hydraulic Controls:  Allows continued pumping should computer systems fail
  • Use “Best-in-Class” O.E.M. off-the-shelf parts!
  • Hydraulic Systems Run Clean!
  • Highest Resale Value!
  • Excellent Support!  As a member of the CDW Family, you’ll have direct access and support from our expert staff
  • Excellent Service! A fleet of five (5) service trucks with skilled crews that are available to travel to your location for repairs or special projects
  • Fast deployment of replacement parts!

To us and our clients, “Highest-Value” means
maximum Return on Investment



Years in Metal Fabrication


Years designing and manufacturing Dredges


100+ Custom Dredge Projects Built

Custom Dredge Works Capabilities

Customized New Dredge Designs from 8″ discharge up to 20”
Comprehensive automation and data-logging options
Heavy duty Booster Pump Stations
Dewatering Bucket Wheels, Industry Proven
Expertly engineered electric powered dredges and booster pumps
Power Conversion projects from diesel power to Electricity or Natural Gas
Dredge replacement parts A – to – Z
Five Work-Trucks & Crews providing fast on-site repair services
Coast-to-coast Dredge Transport Services
Purchase and Sell used dredges

  • Advanced CutterChain design with 7″, 8″, 9″, or 11″” pitch
  • Modern CutterHeads with replaceable teeth
  • Straight Suction and Powerful Water Jets
  • Underwater Ladder Mounted Pumps
  • Production Control Butterfly Valve and Venturies
  • Strong stable ladders
  • Dig with power and confidence
  • Touch Screen Displays
  • Display and Record all variables and activity
  • View and Record Production Remotely, Data Logging
  • Automate Dredging Plan
  • Depth, GPS, Pump Speed, Density Meter
  • Automate Pump Speed and Ladder Control
  • Control of Boosters from Cab
  • Many Automation Options Available
  • Choose favorite make Pump, Engine, Winch, etc.
  • Configure your Cab size, controls, lights, cranes, etc.
  • Request unique designs, components and features
  • Personalize the color scheme and dredge name
  • Three-wire
  • Five-wire “Christmas-Tree”
  • Rear Spuds and/or Forward Spuds
  • Walking or Push Spuds
  • Traveling Spud Barges
  • Self-propulsion options
  • Swinging Ladders


Topeka, Kansas

We got our start and cut our teeth as a dredge design/manufacturer in the Aggregate Mining industry.  It is no coincidence that our facility is located in the American heartland of Topeka, Kansas where we are surrounded by mining operations for hundreds of miles.  From our very centralized location in the USA, Custom Dredge Works ships new dredges and related equipment to Dredging Contractors and Mining operations in every state and region of North America, as well as many countries around the globe.


After Custom Dredge Works got its start in the Aggregate Mining industry it expanded into the Dredge Contracting industry with hearty innovative designs that demonstrate an affinity for the maxim: “….Dredge designs that Increase production while Reducing downtime”

At Custom Dredge Works dredge design customization is our Fine Art!

  • We have a deep bench of Engineering/Design specialist, including Electrical Engineers, Hydraulic Engineers, Structural Engineers and CAD specialists.
  • Our Customers play a very active role in the design phase of their new Dredge. We engage our Customers in a series of Dredge Design Review meetings and conference calls.  Each discussion is proceeded with a concept drawing that reflects the current design, including the most recent modifications.
  • These Design Review calls typically occur in two-week intervals until everyone is fully satisfied with every detail of the dredge engineering and design prior to green lighting production and cutting steel.


Custom Dredge Works’ manufacturing facility boasts the following:

  • Twenty-acres of property with 180,000 sq. foot under roof with Manufacturing, Corporate Offices, Parts Warehouse and storage facilities.
  • Upper management is directly involved in all aspects of design and fabrication.
  • We utilize the latest cutting edge steel fabrication technology and computer controlled plasma cutters, lathes, presses and other hi-tech machines.
  • Custom Dredge Works carefully selects and staffs our manufacturing facility with highly skilled metal fabrication craftsmen, expert industrial welders, and specially trained technicians that operate our high-tech computerized manufacturing equipment.
  • Within the fabrication and build process we employ experts in a wide variety of disciplines including hydraulics, electrical, paint, dredge automation, plant management, and quality control.
  • One hundred percent of our employees and departments are encouraged to work cohesively and synergistically together at our one location to achieve excellence for our customers.
  • After production begins our Customer conference calls morph into Manufacturing Updates, and continue on a bi-weekly schedule until dredge completion. We also encourage our Customers to make personal visits to our facility to view first-hand the various manufacturing stages of their dredge.

There Is Genius In Simplicity!

There are very few industries where the old adage “Time is money” is more apropos than in Dredging.
For this reason, Custom Dredge Works believes in the genius of simplicity.
Custom Dredge Works dredges offer the perfect combination of form & function resulting in optimum performance,
consistent reliable results and excellent return on investment.
A Dredge that is Easy to Operate
A Dredge with Easy to Acquire Replacement Parts
A Dredge that is Easy to Self-Repair and Maintain
A Dredge that is Reliable
A Dredge with clever Designs and Redundant Systems that minimize unscheduled shutdowns

Success Stories

“There is genius in simplicity. Custom Dredge Works understands and exemplifies that concept in its dredge designs. Our CDW dredge is brilliant in its power and effectiveness while at the same time our crew finds it simple to operate and to perform maintenance on.“

“Custom Dredge Works converted our booster pump from diesel to electric, added a jet assist to our dredge, and fabricated badly needed parts for us that we couldn’t locate anywhere. They have done excellent work on time and at a very competitive price. Whenever we decide to buy a new dredge, it will most likely be from Custom Dredge Works!”

“John Jones and his team are top notch. They know their stuff. They have given us plenty of fresh ideas and assistance when we’ve gotten into a pinch at our sand mine, which has really helped. They have been very responsive to our needs, especially when were in a tight spot for a badly needed part.”

“I think that we’ve owned and operated at least one dredge from every US dredge manufacturer at one time or another, but now we are sold on CDW. It is unlikely that we will buy another dredge from anyone other than Custom Dredge Works. ”

“We’re so glad that we made the time and effort to tour the Custom Dredge Works manufacturing facility. We were impressed in every way, and we learned a lot, and had a great time. This is a top notch company. We now understand the difference and what makes these guys unique and the best dredge value on the market.”

“We have been a loyal customer to another dredge manufacturer for several years. Now we are glad that we gave CDW a look and ultimately made the switch. It’s just made great sense to us on many levels and for many reasons. I would encourage anyone to seriously consider Custom Dredge Works.”

“We recently took delivery of a new chain-ladder dredge from Custom Dredge Works. The superior quality, workmanship and design of the dredge was immediately visible and obvious to us, especially in comparison to dredges we’ve acquired from other manufacturers in the past. We are pleased with our new dredge from Custom Dredge Works and it meets or exceeds our expectations.”

Custom Dredge Manufacturer USA

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