There is increasing demand for Contract Dredging Companies as well as Aggregate Mining companies to dredge deeper and deeper. Deep Dredging to approximately 150 feet is possible, however, it does present some technical challenges that can be effectively overcome with skill and knowledge. Custom Dredge Works has tremendous experience with engineering long ladder dredges with powerful underwater ladder mounted pumps. If your dredging project is over 50 feet deep, we are the call to make.

Underwater Ladder Mounted Pumps

The unique aspect of this design is that the pump is located on the ladder, usually at the mid-point or sometimes closer towards the cutter. Locating the pump on the ladder allows for the pump to become completely submerged and primed when the ladder is lowered. A submerged pump is much more efficient and allows for a higher percentage of solids to be pumped through the system.  Typically an underwater mounted pump can have up to 35% or more production than a deck or hull mounted pump of the same size.

Deep Digging Dredges with Underwater Ladder Mounted Pumps are available in cutterhead, chain-ladder, and straight suction configurations from Custom Dredge Works up to 20” discharge, and ladder lengths up to 150 feet.  Ladders longer than 150 feet may be available.  Please contact us to discuss.

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Dredge Power Sources

Please contact Custom Dredge Works for a Free Consultation and Computer Analysis to accurately determine the correct Size, Power and Style of Dredge to achieve your short and long-term dredging production goals.

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