A New Inventory, Production Measurement and Management Tool

Inventory Management and Production Accountability:

POWERSCALE elevates your ability to manage and account for production like never before. It offers unparalleled assistance in estimating daily, monthly, and annual production numbers with precision and ease. This tool transforms how you track and manage your inventory, ensuring accurate and reliable data for informed decision-making.

One of the most frustrating issues a producer has is inventory accountability;
“How much did you produce today.. this month.. this year?”

At the end of the year, do you find yourself saying “Our inventory is off this year. We need to increase (or decrease) our inventory by x percent.”

POWERSCALE can help you answer those questions, and become be your most valuable tool to assist you in accurately estimating your daily, monthly, and annual production numbers.

Via DREDGELINK you can easily see in real-time your total production numbers on your phone or computer.

POWERSCALE replaces Belt Scales and Performs the same job as the typical Belt Scale, Only Better!

PowerScale accurately Measures the amount of material that is loaded onto any Conveyor Belt of your choice.

There are several Advantages of the PowerScale over the typical Belt Scale:

  • Much Smaller and more Compact
  • Easy to Install in a variety of Conveyor Configurations
  • Consumes less power
  • Specifically Designed for Wireless Telemetry within your communications system
  • The PowerScale has zero moving parts, therefore, it requires much less maintenance and repairs, and enjoys a much longer useful life

PC can be deployed on any conveyor in your Plant Configuration to measure the amount of material:

  • Coming off of a Dewatering Bucket Wheel or Screw
  • Exiting a Classifier
  • Loaded on to a specific conveyor or stacker


POWERSCALE display on phone or computer

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