Remote View of all Dredge Activities and Production
Metrics in real time

  • Capture, Record, and Archive all Dredge Metrics
  • Archive data (up to 5-years for Historical Analysis)
  • Automated Production Alerts / Code Red Alarms
  • Alerts delivered 24/7/365 anywhere/anytime
  • Remote Troubleshoot Dredge issues + software updates


Dredge Production Operating System to monitor and control all on-board dredge systems.

  • User friendly color flat-panel touch screen
  • Production Control Valve System
  • Automation Logic Software allows for intuitive
    control monitoring capabilities
  • Dredge OS will improve and maximize production


Integrated GPS & SONAR Technology

  • The latest SONAR components designed for Dredging Aggregate
  • Detailed Site Surface Rendering: Material Density, Depth and Location
  • GPS System Dredge Location accuracy and Mine Plan efficiency
  • Integrates with DREDGELINK to allow for Remote View and
  • Capture for future analysis

Transform the way you stay informed about your dredging operations

  • Fast and Customizable Notifications and Alarms, Anywhere and at Anytime
  • You can customize this system to provide key personnel tailored Production Updates, Milestones, Alerts, Warnings, Alarms, etc… to their phone or computer. The entire system can be tailored to Management’s needs and preferences.

View the Operating System for your Dewatering Bucket Wheel in real time, in the Cab or in the Cloud.

The Future of Precision Production Measurement

Redefine Measuring Material Production with POWER SCALE

  • Measures or weighs the amount of material coming off of a Bucket Wheel onto a Conveyor
  • Can also measure material on any Conveyor
  • Provides measurements back to Dredge Cab or to Management via wireless telemetry
  • Very low maintenance since PowerScale uses no moving parts.

View the Operating System and Performance of your Booster Pump Station in real time, in the Cab or in the Cloud.

Video Feed your Eyes with LIVE Dredge Operations and Activities, Anywhere and Anytime

Discover unparalleled visibility into your dredging operations with the VIDEOLINK closed-circuit camera system.

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Complimentary Ongoing Support

As a member of the Custom Dredge Works family, you and your team will enjoy direct access to our expert support team to expedite and trouble shoot any issues that may occur with you Custom Dredge Works dredge. Our support team includes specialist in Electrical, Automation, Hydraulics, Mechanical, & Parts.