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Excellent Condition
This Wolverine is approximately 3 to 4 years old and has only been slightly used. It has been extremely well maintained, is fully operational, and is in ‘like-new’ condition.
All the pumps on board were entirely serviced recently, including complete lubrication and coated with epoxy and polyurea products.

• 10” Metso Pump
• Spuds 30 ft. long
• Insulated & Paneled Lever Room
• Transportable on one flatbed truck

ASKING PRICE: $350,000

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Hull Length 50’
Overall Length (with ladder)68′
Hull Depth 4′
Hull Width 11’6″
Hull Draft (approx) Overall Height (trucking)10′
Total Aprox. Weight 58,000 lbs.
Diesel Fuel Capacity 500 gal

Lever Room
The control panel has stainless steel gauges. An upholstered seat is provided for the operator. The lever room is insulated for noise reduction and temperature control.

The lever room is finished with an attractive paneled interior.Equipped with a rooftop off-road air conditioner, model R-9727-1. All glassis LEXON 500 with 360° visibility.

Details of Hull Construction

The hull is composed of three (3) compartments. The center compartment is the engine and pump compartment. The other (2) two compartments are the side tanks; also known as sponson tanks or pontoons. The side tanks are framed with angle iron and truss type cross bracings. The plate is then welded inside and outside for structural integrity. The tanks are then pressure tested for leakage. The side tanks are assembled to form the engine and pump compartment. The hull is then turned right side up and the interior bracing is installed to accept the mounting of the engine, pump and other components. The bottom of the hull is constructed from 3/16” plate (4.7 mm). The hull sides and deck is constructed from 10 gauge plate (3.57 mm). The lever room and the pump/engine room enclosure are constructed from 12 gauge plate (2.78 mm).
Details of Ladder Construction

The ladder is constructed of 3”x3”x3/16” (76 mm x 76 mm x 4.7 mm) angle iron with 7 gauge (4.55 mm) metal plate gussets. The gussets are welded to the side of the ladder for structural integrity, resistance against bending, torsional loading and transverse stresses. The ladder length is 33’ (10 m).

Operating Details

The maximum dredging depth is 25’ (7.6 m) and is achieved at a 60° down angle on the ladder. The maximum lateral cut, swinging 90°, at approximately 3’ (1 m) of dredging depth is 88’ (26.8 m). The lateral cut, swinging 90°, at a 25’ (7.6 m) dredging depth is approximately 72’ (22 m).


The cutterhead is designed with six (6) smooth blades that are cast steel. The cutterhead is mounted to a 3” (76 mm) stainless steel shaft that is attached to the cutter motor. The cutterhead is driven by a five (5) cylinder Staffa hydraulic motor with model # HMB-200. The cutterhead motor is manufactured by KAWASAKI MOTORS. The hydraulic motor has variable speed capability and is reversible. Replaceable pin on teeth can be added to the cutterhead as an option. The cutterhead has a 27” (686 mm) inside diameter back ring with an outside diameter of 32” (813 mm).


The prime mover is a Caterpillar model C13 ACERT diesel engine rated 440 bhp (328 bkW). The engine is attached to a Twin Disc clutch. The engine is radiator cooled and includes a Caterpillar air cleaner, muffler and control panel. Available in Tier 4 configuration or lesser regulated for export.

Dredge Pump

The dredge pump is a Metso Minerals, Thomas Simplicity series dredge pump model # J30. The nominal flow rate is 3,800 GPM (863 m3/hr) @ 200 feet H2O (61 m H2O). The maximum particle clearance is 6” (150 mm).