When water is a factor, Cutterhead Dredges are typically the best and most cost-effective way to mine Aggregates.  

You will likely benefit from a Dredge if one or more of these objectives applies to you:

  • You need to automate and streamline the mining process
  • You need or want to operate with less workers, even as little as 2
  • You want to lower your Cost Per Ton (CPT)
  • You have fair amount of water in your pit
  • You are having a difficult time hiring skilled Dragline Operators
  • You want to consistently produce more than 200 TPH
  • You need to consistently super produce more than 1000 TPH
  • You need to capitalize on your deposit at greater depths, even down to 150ft
  • You want to power your operations with Electricity


Working together, CUSTOM DREDGE WORKS and PEARCE PUMPS have developed a few new Pump Design Innovations and Processing Inventions that makes it very possible to successfully mine a large amount of Rock with a CDW Cutter Suction Dredge.  In fact, it is now completely possibly to mine Rocks up to 12” in diameter.   This is a significant breakthrough in the Aggregate Dredge Mining space!   There are many techniques and technologies proprietary to CDW and PEARCE that allows us to successfully mine and pump rock that no one else in the industry actually knows or understands.


For most Sand and Gravel deposits, a Cutterhead does very well in achieving productions objectives in a very methodical way that makes it easier to follow a Mining Plan. 

Occasionally we add High Pressure Water Jets outside the Cutterhead to assist in Cutting, Agitating and Suspending the material, and typically a Water Jet inside of the Cutterhead to keep the Cutterhead clean and free of clay of debris buildup within or around the Cutterhead.   

When Clay seems or layers are present in the deposit, adding VFD controlled High Pressure Water Jet Nozzles to the Cutterhead can usually be a very effective way of cutting through and emulsifying the clay.

We also design Dredges that utilize a ChainLadder, and also Dredges that produce exceptional results in fairly easy flowing deposits using Straight Suction, or High-Pressure Water Jet Rings. 

Custom Dredge Works offers Semi-Portable Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredges with the following Design Highlights

We offer three types of Cutterheads: 

1) The Florida Style         2) The Scalping Basket                3) The European Style Cutterhead


The vast majority of our Customers prefer the European Cutterhead.  It is the latest cutting-edge computer designed Cutterhead, and for most deposits the increase in production is significant and immediately noticeable. 

Very maintenance friendly:

  • The Cutterhead is completely free cutting meaning only the teeth wear and not the blades
  • Teeth can be easily replaced by bolting on-and-off. No need to replace Cutterhead.
  • Welding is not necessary
  • Low tooth consumption

Operational Advantages:

  • Lower energy per m³ excavated soil, thus lower cost per m³
  • Less spill due to optimum hydraulic design
  • Bigger momentum due to higher mass
  • Suitable for all soil types like mud, sand, clay, peat, gravel, cemented materials
  • Two tooth designs are available, which are interchangeable: Flat Edge and Serrated

Delete the dredge power source options section.

    • Multiple CutterHead Designs
    • Straight Suction, CutterHead, or ChainLadder
    • Discharge sizes 8” to 20”
    • Fixed or Swinging Ladders
    • Deep Digging Ladders with Underwater Mounted Pumps
    • Electric, Diesel, or Natural Gas
    • The Best-in-Class OEM systems, components, and parts
    • Determine your preferred brands for Engine, Pump, and other Components
    • Any desired Spud or Wire configuration
    • Heavy steel pipe hydraulic lines with socket welds for hydraulic connections
    • Stainless Steel Hydraulic fluid tanks
    • Dual Hydraulic Systems to minimize oil contamination
    • Remote control Stellar Crane
    • Any cab size and configuration
    • No PLC/Computer Reliance: All the gadgetry and technology in the operators cab that you desire, but core dredge operations are NEVER solely dependent upon a PLC/Computer
    • Comprehensive Dredge Automation options and capabilities
    • Data Log Recording and Distribution capabilities
    • Butterfly Production Control Valve
    • Touch Screen Displays
    • Redundant hydraulic manual controls
    • Redundant analog gauge instrumentation
    • Water Jets, Venturies
    • Any color scheme design per your preference
    • MARINE GRADE EPOXY PAINT. An epoxy technology that maintains color and appearance better than previous coal tar and mastic epoxies. This two-part epoxy also cures faster and allows for a much more uniform, harder more durable finish.
    • Solid HDPE Planks Located Along Side Flotation; extends life of hull
    • Aluminum Speedrail Package
    • Standard warranty on the dredge and all components
    • Hands-on assistance for Dredge Assembly, Launch, and Training

Complimentary Ongoing Support

If you are giving some consideration to acquiring a new Dredge for your mining operations, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us for consultation on this very important decision.  You will discover that we are experts in Mining Aggregates with Dredging Technology.  We understand the industry,  mining operations, the challenges, and the endless ways aggregate mines can be configured.  Custom Dredge Works is deeply experienced on the nuances ofWhen, Where, How, and Why a Mining Dredge should be deployed.  We encourage you to share your desires, concerns, and questions with us.  We promise that you will end up with a clear understanding of what you should and should not consider, and how best to move forward with your project.    



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