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Custom Dredge Works, Inc. a Custom Dredge Manufacturer

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Custom Dredge Works, Inc. has been a dredge manufacturer for over a decade. Our dredgers are built to last, and we take pride in our product. We specialize in designing custom dredge equipment, and have built some of the best equipment on water. We supply dredgers all over the world, and we have implemented new dredging technology which has aided dredging production. Our customers also enjoy the benefit of our large inventory of dredge parts, and common dredge items.

At CDW we design for the project. Custom Dredge Works specializes in keeping customer's options open in the design and engineering phase of your dredgers production. This is why so many contractors choose us for their dredging projects.

CDW, Inc. also specializes in dredge repair, used dredge sales, and dredge parts. Our dredgers have set the standard for maintaining production above and beyond our customer's expectations. We do not design our dredges so that you are trapped into buying parts from us, or possibly waiting four months for a specific dredge part which is possibly located in your area. Our team puts the customer in mind in every aspect of production. We emphasize design and ease of use.

Custom Dredge Works, Inc. is a dredge equipment manufacturer that provides services and dredge equipment throughout the United States and internationally. As a dredging manufacturer, CDW specializes in portable hydraulic dredging equipment, and designing to meet any requirement. Our hydraulic dredge engineers can work with you to design a custom dredge for a wide variety of dredging projects.

Along with custom dredge manufacturing we also provide dredge repair and refurbishing. We have repaired several dredges from total ruin, and made them better than new. We have also equipped old dredges with innovative technology, such as dredge GPS systems.

If you would like to tell us more about your requirements for your dredging project, please click here to tell us about your project. This will help us get an idea of the equipment you needed. If you want to share your mining project with us in person, come on by, we would love to have you visit.

Custom Dredge Works, Inc. also provides custom fabrication, structural steel, and custom metal components. Our fabrication facility can also aid in any type of commercial, industrial, or architectural project. Another benefit of using Custom Dredge Works, Inc. is that we have our own dredge transportation service making it easy to ship a variety of products worldwide to our customers. Our massive inventory consists of booster pumps, dredge parts, and dredge equipment available for immediate sale.

CDW also carries other types of dredging products such as fuel pumps, conveyor belts, dredge dewatering equipment, water pumps, gaskets, winches, cutter teeth, dredge chain and more. If you have a question about a particular product or service, please contact us at (785)-380-4141 or