The desire and demand to maximize the full potential of a Mine by going deeper to capture more or all of the potential Deposit is increasing in the Aggregate Industry dramatically.  Custom Dredge Works is successfully meeting this demand. We have developed Advanced Dredging solutions that easily allow Aggregate Mining companies to dredge quite deeply to mine Sand, Gravel, and even large Rock at depths up to 150 feet below the surface.   Not long ago, it was not technically feasible to mine at those depths, or certainly not possible to do so Cost Effectively to realize an acceptable ROI. 


There is an increase in cost to dredge at greater depths.  Greater depths require longer ladders, underwater pumps, long drive line shafts, which in turn require heavier more stout/sturdy ladders, which in turn require more flotation to compensate for the increased weight.  However, we have found ways to control and mitigate these increased costs to some degree.  Naturally the return on investment has to justify the additional expense.  Fortunately for the majority of our Customers, the long-term ROI has been compelling.


Building a reliable dredge that can consistently, and cost effectively, mine at depths greater than 50 feet requires great Engineering skill, tremendous Experience, and advanced Technology.   The experience, depth of knowledge, engineering technical skill, and manufacturing steel fabrication ability that Custom Dredge Works brings to the table is formidable and second to none in the industry.  


The Technology deployed in a Deep Dredge Design can include the following:

  • Careful Drive Shaft Milling and Alignment Installation
  • Innovative Underwater Bearings
  • Progressive Underwater Pump Designs exclusive to CDW
  • Extra Strong Ladder and Trunnion Designs and Construction
  • Distinctive extra-strong Floatation Designs
  • Superior Underwater Electric Motors


Underwater Ladder Mounted Pumps

Locating an Underwater Pump on the ladder is critical to successfully dredging at depths greater than 45 or 50 feet.  Installing a Jet Assist is viable alternative, however, a submerged pump is much more efficient and allows for a higher percentage of solids to be pumped through the system.  Typically, an underwater mounted pump will increase production by 30 to 35% above what a deck or hull mounted pump of the same size can achieve. 

Deep Digging Dredges with Underwater Ladder Mounted Pumps are available in CutterHead, Chain-Ladder, and Straight Suction dredge configurations from 10” up to 22” discharge.


Custom Dredge Works enjoys a close discreet business relationship with one of the top manufacturers in the world for Underwater Electric Motors (UEM).  Implementing UEM’s offers tremendous advantages for increasing Operating Efficiencies and for reducing Maintenance.  UEMs can operate consistently for much longer stretches of time while eliminating other systems that are prone to a higher degree of maintenance issues.  For these reasons, and others, UEMs will play a larger role in powering our Deep Digging Dredge Designs going forward.


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Complimentary Ongoing Support

As a member of the Custom Dredge Works family, you and your team will enjoy direct access to our expert support team to expedite and trouble shoot any issues that may occur with your Custom Dredge Works dredge. Our support team includes specialist in Electrical, Automation, Hydraulics, Mechanical, & Parts.


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