Dredge Upgrades and Services, Rebuilds and Retrofits

Custom Dredge Works is expert at providing the following services for any Make and Model cutter suction dredge:

  • Fabricating custom parts and components
  • Dredge Overhalls, Repairs, Upgrades and Renovations
  • Dredge Redesigns and Repurposing
  • Converting diesel powered dredges and booster pumps to Electric power, or Natural Gas power
  • Installation of Hydro Jet Assists, Venturies, Butterfly Valves,
  • Ladder Extensions
  • Installation of New Pumps, Hydraulic Systems and Winch Systems
  • Cab and Control Panel Upgrades
  • Spud Barge Retrofits
  • Upgrade or change Wire system
  • Repair or Expand Flotation

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Complimentary Ongoing Support

As a Custom Dredge Works customer and member of the Custom Dredge Works family, you and your team will enjoy direct access to our President, John Jones, via his personal mobile phone to expedite and trouble shoot any issues with your Custom Dredge Works dredge. Additional contact points include the direct support of our specialized expert staff (Electrical, Automation, Hydraulics, Mechanical, & Parts) at no additional charge.

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